Watch Out for These Signs of Heart Attack

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Most of the time, you might take those occasional chest pains rather seriously because according to the societal notion, you assume that it will lead to cardiac rest. However, this is where things go wrong. Not all heart issues happen in the chest. This is because there are still other alarming signs in other body parts which are directly related to the heart, mainly when you have diabetes, have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or overweight. Here are some four problems you have to watch out for to keep yourself safe from different heart related issues.


One common disturbing symptom often related to heart issues is feeling lightheaded and dizzy. But, what if you feel faint? Typically, these cases happen when the supply of blood to your brain dropped to extremely low levels. But, you might not be aware that this happened because of your abnormal heart rate, or your heart can no longer pump sufficient blood because of narrowing of a valve, or rapid but temporary blood pressure drop. A feeling of dizziness or uneasiness when you stand up too fast is an indication that your heart is already on the verge of failure and you have to see a cardiologist soon.

Indigestion, Nausea, and Upset Stomach

When you have been feeling sick in the stomach for a long time, and you have heartburn’s now, and then, these symptoms all require immediate attention from your doctor. Vomiting, persistent belly comfort, and belching can also lead to heart attack. These symptoms of heart attack are not that common and are often reported by female patients. Stabbing pain in your middle or upper abdomen for over several minutes could lead to a heart attack without giving you the opportunity to guess what it is like to suffer from a chronic disease.

Coughing Producing Pink or White Mucus

Long lasting coughs producing white or pink colored mucus are related to heart issues as well. Coughing up some foamy mucus is an indication that your heart is getting worse quickly. But, it happens in the event of sudden heart failure which causes the buildup of fluid in the lungs which eventually lead to the fast heartbeat, regular coughing, and shortness of breath. Many people die from congestive heart attacks because of being unaware of this symptom. Therefore, it is extremely important to consult a cardiologist right away when you coughed up pink mucus.

Unexplained Weakness

Do you often feel tired even when you just did some simple chores around the house? Do you give up quickly when you do activities you used to do really well in the past? These all call for the attention of your cardiologist before it is too late. Finding it difficult to perform daily chores like walking, climbing stairs, or carrying groceries is an indication of heart failure. Increased fatigue is the result of delicate tissues and muscles which can no longer function well because the heart’s ability to pump blood has been reduced.

Don’t wait for the worst. Contact a heart specialist right away when you notice any of these signs in you or someone you love.

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