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5 reasons why obtaining your GED is important

1.  Greater opportunity to increase your salary - according to national statistics, the average income for someone with a GED or high school diploma is at least $10,000 more than someone who did not complete high school.

2.  Less likely to lose your job - according to national unemployment statistics, the largest percentage of the currently unemployed are people who did not complete high school.

3.  Greater opportunity to attend the college of your choice - with a GED, you increase your chances for continuing your education at a higher quality college or university such as a state school or private university.

4.  Increase your self esteem - once you complete your GED, you will feel better about yourself and your ability to pursue your dreams for a successful career.

5.  Be a role model for others - you will set an example for your friends and family by showing them the dedication and commitment it takes to complete their education.

Let the staff at Turning the Hearts Center help you obtain your GED and take the next step toward the career of your dreams!

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